How it works

Through use of a provided Dropbox upload form, upload your track/s with a detailed description of exactly what it is you are looking for (i.e. instruments, genre, style and even a few video links to examples) and we will be notified automatically.


Please expect at least a 48 hour turn around to receive your newly recorded tracks. This allows us time to make sure we find the right person for the job and to ensure the best quality recordings for your project.

Once the recording is completed you will receive two recorded options in .mp3 format (at the lowest quality and sample rate for review purposes only).

You will have 24 hours to make requests for any revisions you feel the recording might require.


Once you have approved the recordings you will need to make payment. This can be done through EFT. 

Once payment is received the full quality separates in .wav format will then be sent back to you through Dropbox ready to be mixed.